28 March 2021

Savage Worlds Online: Initiative

Until I have a chance to run or play Savage Worlds, the gaming content will be sparse here. In the meantime, I have been thinking about the challenges of running such a component-heavy role-playing game via Zoom, my preferred medium for online gaming. I am particularly interested in trying the initiative system, which looks very promising, but I'm sure it works best when used as intended: with a real deck of playing cards. Deck of Cards is probably the most viable substitute, and I'll report on that once I've tried it. As for other gaming components, I'll address them in the near future.

28 February 2021

Savage Worlds Thought of the Day 2021-02-28

Along the lines of my previous thought, Pinnacle Entertainment Group ought to publish inexpensive softcover (and PDF) player's guides to the various settings (especially The Savage World of Flash Gordon) in order to make it easier to bring new players into both the published settings and Savage Worlds in general. None of my players have ever played Savage Worlds as far as I know, and any introductory product I could give them would be a great boon to sparking their interest and, ideally, lead to some of them running games themselves.

30 January 2021

Flash Gordon Inspiration 1

This is the cover of the Adventures of Flash Gordon Coloring and Activity Book, published in 1979, the same year as the Flash Gordon animated television series. I can't remember if my first exposure to Flash Gordon was the animated series or the film serials starring Buster Crabbe (which I probably watched on Matinee at the Bijou on PBS), but I was a big fan of both. Later, I was equally a fan of the original comic strip and the 1980 film starring Sam Jones. Last year, I bought the The Savage World of Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds, and with any luck I'll be running it for my players this year.

In the meantime, I'll be sharing thoughts and occasional images related to Flash Gordon's universe, such as this coloring book I acquired when I was ten years old and somehow managed to preserve into the 21st century. Being a children's coloring book, it isn't challenging, but perhaps someday its contents will inspire an adventure. (I'd scan it in its entirety, but I'm concerned the process might damage it.)

20 December 2020

Savage Worlds Thought of the Day 2020-12-20

Someday, I hope Pinnacle Entertainment Group publishes an affordable softcover player's guide version of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition so I can give them as gifts. PDFs are fine, but hardcopies are easier to consult when one is gaming via Zoom (in my experience, at least).

30 November 2020

Savage Worlds Thought of the Day 2020-11-30

When I received my Flash Gordon dice set, it came with not one, but two Flash Gordon Wild Dice. One is yellow and one is sort of a yellow and orange marble. The unusual thing is that one uses the Flash Gordon logo in place of the 1, and the other uses it in place of the 6. Is this intentional? (I know this isn't much of an article nor even a thought, but I need to post something this month due to a self-imposed rule.)

04 October 2020

Random Humanoid Generator (Roll All Dice)

This Random Humanoid Generator is specifically designed for use with The Savage World of Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds, but may be used for any game system and indeed any similar setting. Use it to create the outline of a new species, refining the results and using them as inspiration. If the results don't mesh with your vision, ignore them and choose freely. It's always a good idea to have a surprise for players who think they are experts on the source material.

Random Humanoid Generator
(Roll All Dice)


Roll 1d4

1. Frozen
2. Temperate
3. Tropical
4. Desert


Roll 1d6

1. Hostile
2. Distrustful
3. Aloof
4. Cautious
5. Curious
6. Friendly


Roll 1d8

1. King
2. Queen
3. Prince
4. Princess
5. Council of Elders
6. Noble + Council
7. Theocrat
8. Leader

Biological Derivation

Roll 1d10

1. Amphibian
2. Arachnid
3. Avian
4. Human
5. Human
6. Insect
7. Mammalian
8. Mammalian
9. Piscine
10. Reptilian

Primary Resource

Roll 1d12

1. Cloth
2. Foodstuffs, Cultivated
3. Foodstuffs, Gathered
4. Foodstuffs, Hunted
5. Fuel
6. Gems
7. Luxury Goods
8. Manufacturing
9. Metals, Industrial
10. Metals, Precious
11. Spices
12. Timber

Combat Quirk
Members of this species...

Roll 1d20

1. Abide by a strict code of honor that enhances their skill at one weapon.
2. Are immune to a certain form of attack.
3. Are effective in a team, but hopeless without leadership.
4. Are formidable individually, but unable to coordinate in groups.
5. Are great rocketship gunners, but poor pilots.
6. Are great rocketship pilots, but poor gunners.
7. Are unnaturally quick.
8. Are unnaturally strong.
9. Eat those who fall in combat.
10. Must pray before combat.
11. Never kill opponents — only take prisoners.
12. Never take prisoners.
13. Possess an extra sense.
14. Prefer combat as entertainment.
15. Prefer duels.
16. Prefer ritual combat.
17. Ride exotic mounts.
18. Use a substance before battle that enhances their combat ability.
19. Use primitive weapons.
20. Use robots to do their fighting whenever possible.

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27 September 2020


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Savage Worlds Online: Initiative

Until I have a chance to run or play Savage Worlds , the gaming content will be sparse here. In the meantime, I have been thinking about th...